Flowers For Jack Thompson

Sure, you many not like Jack Thompson – you quite possibly downright loathe him but every Grinch has a a beating heart, just waiting to be warmed. A group on LiveJournal, Flowers for Jack, wants to do just that. The group are dead set on colelction $650 (the are $483.16 at the time of writing) so they can send anti-game activist Jack Thompson the largest bushel of “pretty, pretty flowers” ever!

In conjunction with the flowers they will also be sending him a letter which will hit on the following points

– Some sort of apology for the less-cordial correspondences he gets from less mature gamers.
– Finding his proper stated agenda (keep violence from children, or ban games entirely?)
– The word Pixelante, and how its being used now.
– His overall stance on the NIMF (He badmouthed them soon after they sent him the C&D, but they still have similar agendas)
– Presidential candidancy in 2008 just a rumor?
– what we can do to maintain lines of serious dialogue with him?

Those who wish to be added to the letter can send their information (first name, last name, city, state, country, and so on) to [email protected]. If you are willing to donate any money to the cause, as well, click on one of the “make a donation” links scattered about their main page.

Source Joystiq