Full-Fledged MGS Game Coming To The PSP

It has been announced in Hideo Kojima’s latest podcast that he plans to bring the much loved MGS series to the PSP as an action game in effect dropping the card-based gameplay of recent PSP MGS games. In the podcast he mentions that the game will be comparable the PS2 games (in terms of graphics and gameplay) and will take place in 1970, after the effects of MGS3. Players will once again take control of the Big Boss and over the course of the game will find out exactly how FoxHound was formed. Some parts of the story will also hint at events that will be reveled in the PS3’s MGS4 which is yet to receive a solid release date.

Kojima continued that a big change will come to the MGS series and says “if a player dies, they will be dead for good” hinting that the game will not use continues. He says he wants MGS PSP to focus on “significance of death.” Another addition he revealed is that the Big Boss can control troops in the game (it is thought that these controlled troops can die without ending the game). The game will also be Wi-Fi enabled.

Some other quotes that have been translated from the podcast reveal phrases such as “hot (exciting) duels” and “With the rise of FOX, to bring it down Big Boss raises an army.” Intresting to say the least!

There is some disappointing news though and that is that the game is not scheduled for release until Fall 2007 meaning we all have a very long wait on our hands. It is still unknown if the game will be showcased at next weeks E3.