First Screens Of C&C3 PC Gamer Ruins Party

Update: It’s all over! The guys at PC Gamer have appeared in our inbox telling us “Please respect our copyright and remove our content from your site, and try to make sure your users don’t repost it or links to other sites that host it. Thank you.

In all honesty we were not going to remove the linksl, but seeing as they said “thank you” I think we must. If you really want to see the photos (our versions were blurry anyways) make sure you pick up the fantastic, super and great PC Gamer for a shop near you. (Of course you will probably find them on another site before then, but hey – we can do nothing about that).

Yes, us here at little ole DarkZero have done a bad thing and may everyone beat us with sticks! Thanks to everyone across the expanse of the internet (especially you guys over at digg) for making this our most popular news story ever with over 10,000 views. The photos may be gone, but for now please just read our small write up on the games story (we know words are not as intresting as those lovely photos, sorry!)


According to the PC Gamer article the story behind the new C&C game revolves around the world been thrown into chaos due to the spread of Tiberium. As a result 20% of the Earth’s surface has become Tiberium-infested and is now inhospitable (these areas are Red Zones). Tiberium hasn’t fully taken hold of 50% of the Earth (these areas are Yellow Zones) and the rest of the Earth is more or less safe (these areas are called Blue/Green zones) this area is also where the GDI is headquartered. The GDI is trying to prevent the spread of Tiberium and convert the Yellow Zones to Blue Zones. The only other information the article give us it that the game will use the SAGE engine (from C&C Generals) but it will be heavily modified. It also says Kane will be returning and Live-action scenes will be making a comeback to the C&Cverse .

EA also promises C&C3 will evolve real-time strategy games as we know them today but will also be faithful sequel to the series. Not much else is known about the title, but we expect loads more information will be presented during the week of E3. We also expect the game will play a big part of EA’s plans at the show itself.