First PSX Titles Hitting PS3 Store

With the recent update of the PSP firmware and with the handheld now capable of playing PlayStation from the ‘good ole days’ Sony have announced that they are going to release some game to download via PS3… also very little waiting will be involved as the download will go live tomorrow. There is some bad news as it is Japan only at the moment.

Initially nostalgic gamers can grab the likes of Resident Evil Director’s Cut, two volumes of Konami’s Antiques MSX Collection, Bishi Bashi Special, Arc the Lad, Jumping Flash, Hot Shots Golf 2, Silent Bomber and Tekken 2 from the “Game Archives” area of the Japanese store for 525 yen (that directly translates to £2.35 / EUR3.50) each.

Once bought the games can played on PSP. Sony has said it plans to release an upgrade in early 2007 that allows for these game to also be played on the PS3 itself.

American PS3 owners can expect something similar in the following weeks – although Sony have announced nothing official yet. European PS3 gamers can now wake up from their dream where they were playing away merrily and wait some more.