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First possible picture of Left for Dead 3 leaks – shows Source 2.0 engine

A user on NeoGAF has posted what appears to be the first leaked picture of Left for Dead 3 – while GAF is known for rumors, this particular poster has a track record that carries weight around the internet’s most trusted gaming community. Again – as always, take this with a grain of salt. Nothing is confirmed until Gaben says so.

But – the game? If this is real, it looks fantastic. There are other pictures to the side of the presentation as well – could it be a remake of this particular level for the next game? Or is it an engine showcase for Source 2.0?

LFD 3 - hype.

The picture showcases LFD2’s Plantation level reimagined in the new Source engine, which would fulfill the suspicions that many of us had when we first heard about the engine’s development. With this new picture, could Valve be planning an announcement soon? The user – CBOAT – has proven to be the source of information for a number of leaks in the past, and this might be the biggest one yet.

More information as we have it.