First look at what could be Ruffian’s ex-Crackdown devs new game

rufexcrack_news1Over on their official website, Ruffian Games, who are made up of a host of ex-Crackdown developers, have shown this teaser images of a game they may currently be working on. Many though that game would be Crackdown 2, but as this Kotaku news piece says the new image does not look very Crackdowny in nature.

However, in saying that, there is no need for Crackdown 2 to play exactly like Crackdown 1, so maybe this is an indication of what direction the game is going for it’s second incarnation.

Of course, there is always the possibility this image has nothing to do with a game they are making, and was just created by one of the artists at the developer to haunt you in your dreams!!