First look at Dawn of War 2

PCGameplay, a Belgian gaming magazine has got the world’s first looks at Dawn of War 2. Along with showing first screens of the game the magazine has a huge preview which gives readers a vast amount of detail about many of the new features which will be included in the game.

Firstly they commented the game will use the Essence 2.0 engine with Havok physics, all optimised for DX10 and multicore support. Because of this Relic are pushing for the game to be graphically impressive, not just in terms of textures, but also lighting. Apparently, pieces of battle armor will be seen flying off when units are attacked. Furthermore, it is currently hoped that a huge portion of the environment in the game will becompletely destructable. AI awareness and pathfinding to find cover and such will also be more advanced than other games on the market. In addition, it’s revealed that DoW 2 will share the same engine as Company of Heroes, although it will see many changes to suit the Dawn of War universe. It’s is also commented that there will be vastly differing locations to fight though, such as deserts, jungles and mountainous regions, with the game offering much more than the destroyed city landscape shown in the preview.

Finally, they go on to comment that a team of 55 people has been working on DoW2 since September 2006, and that the game will not be released until 2009 at the earliest, or perhaps later if needed.

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