First Info On Championship Manager 2006

Eidos Interactive today announces that Championship Manager 2006 will be released in the UK in Spring 2006 on PC. Developed by London-based Beautiful Game Studios (BGS), the all-new 2006 version offers a wide range of innovative new features.

Championship Manager 2006 boasts a brand new Gameplan 3D match engine, where players can watch their match unfold with the ability to adjust tactics, player positions or formations or simply use the Highlight Filter to select the moments they want to watch. Now players can interact with their squad and speak with players for the first time make promises to individual players to improve their mood or form. But as in real life, if promises are broken, trust is lost and there are consequences – with the new player status screen, monitor the mood and form of every player.

Championship Manager 2006 now offers the ability to scout in depth with its new ‘Simulate world’ option. For the first time, users will be able to view authentic player’s performance stats outside the nation managed, all with no noticeable speed reduction! Scouting will never be the same again. Implemented in Championship Manager 2006 are accurate fitness regimes devised by Mervyn Day, first team coach at Charlton Athletic. Study your opposition’s current form through parallel match processing. Watch their previous matches through the Gameplan 3D engine, before you face them whilst the game progresses.Or choose a wealthy Club Benefactor for an instant cash injection, but with more money comes more demands and a greater need for immediate success.

Championship Manager 2006 allows you to manage your club to glory, dealing with everything from tactics and training to transfers – everything you would expect a real-life football manager to do without owning a sheepskin coat. Ir still has alot do do to beat Fotball Manager in our opinion but we will see where it stands come release next year