First Heroes Game Details Emerge

After first details on the game stumbled in a few days ago it now seems a lot of people are getting very talkative about the upcoming Heroes game. “We’re very excited to be making the Heroes video game with Ubisoft,” said Tim Kring, executive producer and creator of Heroes. “Time and again, Ubisoft has proven they can turn licensed properties into fantastic games.

From Day 1 we’ve all been thinking about the game,” said Heroes co-executive producer Jesse Alexander. “All along we’ve been writing some of our stories in ways they can tie into the eventual video game.

The companies also boast that rather than focusing on single individual characters from the show the game will place players into shoes of the entire cast, and tell a tale from many different viewpoints as the game advances. However, Tim Kring, or his writing team will not be penning the game script, in fact it will be solely written by writers at Ubisoft. The TV show scribes will however be in supervising role to keep things from getting out of hand.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot also admits he was very interested in getting his hands on the video game licence of the show since he saw the first episode; “Besides being one of my favorite shows on TV, ‘Heroes’ is the perfect fit for a video game with all the various superpowers and special abilities,” he said.