First GTA IV Soundtrack Details Trickle In

From various sources across the internet first details of the soundtrack for GTAIV is trickling in – although it should be noted they are not yet 100% confirmed by Rockstar. If you have already checked below then you will have noticed that the songs are even more diverse than they ever were, with a wide selection of genres been hit even though only 16 songs have been revealed as of yet. If you know your GTA games, they you will already have realized that the songs will be featured in the games radio station – which are supposed to be even more numerous than before, with a possible 15 different one available along with talk radio options. Also, music is able to be played from your mobile phone this time, meaning you’ll always have something to listen to even while on foot. If that is not enough then you’ll also hear music coming from passing cars.

In case you are not familiar with some songs listed we’ve included as many YouTube links to the music video’s of each songs that we could find. In case you’re wondering our favourite song as of yet has to be Junior Kickstart by The Go! Team – even the music video is amazing in its own right!

Angel y Khris
Ven Bailalo (YouTube Video)

R Kelly
Bump N Grind (YouTube Video)

KingRing (YouTube Video)

The Boggs
Arm In Arm (YouTube Video)

UNKLE (feat. Josh Homme)
Restless (YouTube Video)

Gwen Stefani
Hollaback Girl (YouTube Video)

They Say Vision (YouTube Video)

Raheem Devaughn
You (YouTube Video)

Junior Kickstart
The Go! Team (YouTube Video)

VHS or Beta
Burn It All Down (YouTube Video)

Humble Pie

Fat Joe
Shit Is Real (YouTube Video)

How About Some Hardcore (YouTube Video)

Downtown Swinger

One Vision (YouTube Video)

Because of You (YouTube Video)