First GRAW2 Details Are Out

US based gaming publication Game Informer recently ran a article on the upcoming GRAW2. They hit on many details about the game but mostly spoke on the graphics. They mentioned that the game will tell the tale of events that happened over 72 hour period for the GR team. They also announced that the game will have way more varied locations including fighting through mountains, forests as well as the city environments of the orignal. The game will be developed by Red Storm and Ubisoft Paris, and they have apparently being working on the game since GRAW was launched earlier this year. The game is supposedly a huge step up graphically from the original and will use some brand new technology to make it look as realistic as possible:

1. Dynamic Weather Conditions: The game will be taking place varying condition from sandstorms to howling rain, with subtle details such as after a rain storm the mission area glistens with moisture and features standing pools of water on the streets – as well as wind and weather simulation.

2. Object Translucency: This will allow players to see through surfaces like leaves and fabrics under the right lighting circumstances.

3. God Rays: Another new technique that simulates the way light goes around a surface that blocks light. God Rays allow the player to see the limits of light, creating the hard edges rays of light often seen pouring through cathedral windows.

4. Smoke Effects: A new technique will be used called Depth Sprite in which smoke particles move over and around objects like an actual gas, eliminating the hard lines you see between clouds and surfaces you see in most games. Smoke also reacts to light and wind. Demos were shown that showed the dynamics of the smoke. Such as a helicopter down draft that forced huge plumes of smoke away from the landing.

One final note the article hit on was that GRAW2 will look on par if not better than the recently released Gears of War.