FireFox Final Build has been released!

FireFox was known by all as something to change the way we surf, the crux of it was just how bare and simple it was, but at the same time had such a refined operation. This meant it was faster, more efficent and so much safer then anything else ever pioneered.

In contrast to Microsoft’s browser package, Firefox is much smaller at 4.7 MByte for the Windows version (8.2 MByte for Linux and 8.6 MByte for MacOS X), which is a result of the modular concept of the software Users decide, if they want to add functionality, such as the email client Thunderbird.

FireFox has and was deemed so succesful that within 6 months of its initial release it had almost caught up with Microsofts Browser interms of usage. Not only that but it managed to swallow a massive chunk of the market share and actually caused the distribution of Microsofts package to fall into decline.

The Mozilla/Netscape browser family now accounts for 6.02 percent share, an increase of 2.48 percentage points or 70 percent over the 3.54 percent it held in June of this year.

For a totally free download head to http//

There is a PayPal link for those wishing to donate – and you just need to look around the DarkZero forums to see just how ground-breaking FireFox has been.