Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls coming to GBA

Press Release

The games will feature enhanced graphics and sound, as well as a multitude of new features.

In Final Fantasy I, gamers must pick a team of four heroes, each an expert in one of six jobs, before setting off to battle the forces of Chaos and save the world. Square Enix has faithfully recreated the original game with the addition of new features such as the ability to save anywhere, so there is no chance of wasting your hard earned experience when you have to get off the train. New enemies and weapons are also on offer and fans of the original are guaranteed to be awestruck by the hugely improved visuals and audio.

One of the most exciting additions to Final Fantasy I is a new dungeon called Soul of Chaos featuring spine tingling bosses from Final Fantasy IV, V and VI, which can only be accessed after completing the game. This dungeon will keep even the most experienced players coming back for more.

Final Fantasy II features four orphans who are trying to save the world from a massive evil empire. Unlike Final Fantasy I and later titles, characters in Final Fantasy II do not level up with experience. Instead weapons and abilities increase in power the more they are used, a revolutionary style and concept which has since been employed in many other video games.

Players will again be impressed by how much this game has been improved for its new Game Boy Advance release, featuring enhanced visuals and changes to the enemies and weapons. Final Fantasy II also includes a new side-quest called Soul of Rebirth, which gives a deeper insight into the character’s stories and will have fans of the original jumping for joy.

Final Fantasy I&II Dawn of Souls also benefits from an added ‘Bestiary’ mode which allows players to view images and stats of all the enemies that they have encountered in both games.

Final Fantasy I&II Dawn of Souls will be on sale across Europe from December 10 2004 at an estimated retail price of 40 Euros.