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Final Fantasy III coming to OUYA – Square Enix to back project with more titles

[Source material translated by Square Portal]

Square Enix Japan has announced that it will release Final Fantasy III for the Kickstarter console, OUYA. We only know about this title making it to OUYA right now, but the release of the game will simultaneously with the launch of OUYA in March 2013. Perhaps most importantly and exciting is that the release from Square Enix also states it will be providing more content for the console in the future.

Like the iOS ports of the series, Final Fantasy III will be fully optimized for the OUYA console and will feature a playable demo in case you’re not sure about playing one of the greatest RPGs in history. With Square Enix now on board, the OUYA project has acquired a measure of credibility from an established developer and a vote of confidence from an overseas market. Obviously, it could mean that Square Enix is only interested in releasing old titles on the system, but the credibility could be seen by tentative OUYA buyers as a necessary reason to invest in the system.

For more information about the OUYA console, you can read on its official Kickstarter page.