Final Fantasy I and II coming to GBA

Written by Ryder

Next week’s Jump Magazine has revealed that Square Enix will port two of its classic Final Fantasy titles to the Game Boy Advance on a single cartridge. Final Fantasy I & II will feature the first two titles in the series, which were released in 1987 and 1988 on the Famicom (called the NES in the US). This will be the second time that the two titles will be compiled into a single cartridge; Square also did it back on the Famicom in 1994. However, the new GBA version will come with upgraded graphics and the ability to save anywhere in the game. Other changes that are known are that magic can now be cast by consuming magic points instead of using limited magic stocks.

Both games also come with new additions that weren’t present in their original Famicom releases. Final Fantasy I will have a new dungeon called the “Soul of Chaos”, where you uncover new items such as the Ultima Weapon, and fight against historical bosses in the Final Fantasy series, like the ‘Ghost Train’ from Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy II will have an extra story line named the “Soul of Rebirth”, where you get to play as four of the NPC scenario characters (Ming-Wu, Scott, Joseph, Richard) that lost their lives in the main scenario of the game.

Final Fantasy I & II are scheduled for release in July at the retail price of 6,090 yen (£31). However, a U.S. or U.K. release date are yet to be announced.