Fight Night Round 3 Achievments List Revealed

The possible achievements that are up for grabs in Fight Night Round 3 have been made available as someone under the Gamertag “Jaxon” has put the game in there 360. After viewing his achievement details it shows us the eight possible achievement are

Under Armor Achievment
Win the Under Armor sponsored fight.

Burger King Achievment
Win the BK Invitational Fight.

Dodge Achievment
Win the Dodge sponsored fight.

Everlast Achievment
Win the Everlast sponsored fight.

ESPN WNF Achievment
Win any ESPN Wednesday Night Fight event.

ESPN FNF Achievment
Win any ESPN Friday Night Fight event.

ESPN PPV Achievment
Win any ESPN Pay Per View fight event.

EA Sports Achievment
Win any EA Sports sponsored fight.