Fifth Gen iPod Coming In October?

The popular apple website Apple Insider is reporting that several pieces of evidence suggest that Apple is preparing new product introductions for next month. The most interesting of these products is without doubt the possible release of a fifth-generation hard disk drive iPod which will gain an Apple-designed click-wheel and see a significant reduction in overall size and volume.

Sources believe the new players will feature Toshiba’s perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) 1.8-inch HDDs, which are setting new benchmarks for data density. Toshiba has announced the drives in 40GB and 80GB capacities, with the 40GB model packing up to 10,000 songs or 25,000 photos on a single platter. The 40GB drive features the largest single-platter capacity yet achieved in the 1.8-inch form factor, according to the company. Meanwhile, an 80GB version of the drive stores double the amount of data via two 40GB platters. The new PMR drives are just 5mm and 8mm thick, respectively, making the 40GB drive roughly 3mm thinner and 15% smaller in volume than the 40GB drive Apple used in an earlier version of the iPod. Sources also continue to support rumours that the new iPods will gain video playback functionality, but have provided very little evidence backing their assertions.

Source Apple Insider