Fifa Manager 2006 Details

As the transfer window closes for the summer (nice timing EA!!) Electronic Arts today announced a new look, feel and name for its Total Club Manager franchise. Launching on PC in October 2005 the new edition will be released as FIFA Manager 06. The game boasts an improved user-friendly interface and more than 2,000 clubs and over 20,000 players, providing football fans with the most complete, up-to-date and authentic football manager experience on PC.

Information is now attained via the in-game Football World website providing a one-stop portal for all the latest statistics and news, transfers and gossip. Having made the necessary changes to the squad, would-be managers can get even closer to the action by watching the entire game in full 3D allowing for even greater control and analysis.

FIFA Manager 06 is the only management simulation to boast fully-licensed teams and players from every major league around the world so it’s a perfect time to bring the game under the FIFA umbrella,” said Dan Holman, UK Brand Manager for EA Sports. “The new website interface is very much in keeping with how the majority of football fans get information on their team and we’re confident this will prove popular with both die-hard and armchair supporters.”

Key features include

• FIFA Manager 06 boasts an incredibly realistic full 3D match engine. The new Free-Cam allows gamers to keep an eye on the position of all players at any time.

• Access and analyse any game from the entire season using the 2D match engine. Measure player performances, track runs, passes and scrutinize positional play. Watch matches in real-time or use a wealth of tools to control every aspect of the playback.

• FIFA Manager 06 is intuitive and easy to use. All-new accessible presentation means that finding information is now just a few simple mouse-clicks away and never hard to locate.

• The unique in-game website, Football World, provides a portal to all of the information in FIFA Manager 06. Find out the latest news from other teams including transfers, rumours and team information.

• Find the best players by researching their playing characteristics. Choose from various playing styles including Libero, Holding Midfielder, Target Man and Dribbler. Learning how to best exploit a player’s behaviour adds depth to the gameplay.

• FIFA Manager 06 is the only management simulation to feature officially-licensed teams, logos and players from every major league around the world. More than 2,000 clubs and over 20,000 players are included to provide the most authentic football experience on PC. Almost 7,000 player photos are included for leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

FIFA Manager 06 is developed by EA Canada and is rated “3+” by PEGI. The game will be available at retailers nationwide on October 7th, 2005.