Fifa 2006 Selling For £25

FIFA 2006 arrived in stores this morning only to be slashed in price by two High Street chains. Both Argos and Asda are advertising the PS2 and Xbox versions at just £24.97 which is a considerable drop from the recommended price of £34.99. Other stores are also offering a slight price cut on the title with Tesco selling it at £29.97 and Dixons at £29.99. HMV and Woolworths have cut a few quid of the game and are selling it at £32.99.

Both GAME and Gamestation are sticking at £34.99, although GAME is offering discount options to customers who trade in last year’s FIFA. One has to wonder if Fifa06 will be the only title to suffer a price cut at these high street chains as the year comes to a close and if it happens again what will the specialist stores do about it.

Source MCV UK