Messi Fifa 13

FIFA 13 pre-order incentives announced

In what EA has labeled the “most extensive global pre-order incentive in the history of the FIFA franchise,” the company’s announced the pre-order incentives for FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition, and they’re actually quite extensive. Until September 28th, you can pre-order the game and receive one FIFA Ultimate Team pack per week for the next 24 weeks. Each Ultimate Team pack contains 12 items like players and stadiums, even adding always appreciated touches like extra football skin types and stadiums. Additionally, all players in the team packs will be rated 75 or over, along with extra items like “rare items” and world-class, exclusive players (including some little-known player named Messi).

Interestingly, FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition will also be available for one day on 28 September 2012, the day on which FIFA 13 is released. To save time, just pre-order. No one wants to fight crowds at a store to buy a game where crowds sometimes fight each other. No word on whether or not Green Street Hooligans appear as a playable team.