FFXII Tidbits PS2

Written by Pelican

The first and most interesting revelation is of two new characters namely Fran and Balflear, from the Viera and Hume races respectively. Fran is a powerful fencer and she is similar in appearance to Paine from FFX-2, and Balflear is a 22-year old who apparently plays a crucial role early in the game’s storyline. As previously mentioned, the game will introduce Square-Enix’s new graphics engine designed to maximise PS2 performance, it uses less polygons and higher quality textures, in a technique akin to Sony’s engine for the PSP. Few details have been released regarding the games ‘gem slots’ system but it is rumoured to be a return-of-sorts to FFVII’s materia battle system. The credibility of these rumours is quashed somewhat by Square-Enix’s announcement that battles are to be similar to those in FFX-2.

*watch this space for screenshots*