F.E.A.R. Director’s Edition Unveiled

Vivendi Universal have announced today that F.E.A.R, their upcoming paranormal first-person shooter, would be getting the “Director’s Cut” treatment this October, a special DVD version to be released alongside the usual deal. Unlike the “Game of the Year” packages that taunted us in years past with a pretty box on the outside and a few shiny baubles within, this level of enhancement (also commonly known as a “collector’s edition”) usually comes with some genuinely enticing content. Several recent collector’s edition MMOs, for example, have come packaged with hardcover art books and head sets, in addition to the usual filler.

And F.E.A.R.’s Director’s Edition is no different, although its added value is primarily in digital form. This version comes with a “Making of…” documentary, fictional interviews with a character from the game, and a machinima short. This Director’s Edition as of now will only be available in North America and has not been yet been given a European release.

For these interested EB Games seem to be giving the best deal on this new set at the moment.

Source IGN