Fatal Fury & Cyberball On XBLA Next Week

Along with the joyous announcement that some XBLA game will be seeing a price cut next week, Microsoft has also announced this weeks two XBLA title which will he hitting the service early next Wednesday morning on 5th. As you’ve probably already read in the title to this new post those games are Cyberball 2072 and Fatal Fury Special. Both of the games will retail for 400points and each game will include options for online playe over Xbox Live.

Cyberball 2072 is the arcade classic from midway that challenges you to take control of your robotic team, and call the plays to move your team downfield for a touchdown. But watch out, the ball gets hot if you don’t keep moving! Keep your eye on the ball to make sure it doesn’t go critical before you can score.

Fatal Fury Special is the third title in the “Fatal Fury” fighting game series from SNK Playmore. It is set in Southtown, a fictitious American city, where you Join Terry and Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and 12 other titans in one of the biggest matches of the millennium.