Far Cry 2 set to be released in autumn


Ubisoft have confirmed to Eurogamer that Far Cry 2 will be making an appearance this year, and is likely to be released sometime this autumn. The publisher also went on to confirm that it is likely the PC, PS3 and 360 versions will launch simultaneously. Furthermore, they went on to say that a demo for the game is also likely as we approach release. We wonder did someone slip something into the water at Ubi? They seem to have got very talkative!

If you have not been keeping up to date on Far Cry 2 it is set to offer big changes from the first game, with Ubisoft boasting that it will be completely open-ended and non-linear experience. Because of this the game will not have individual maps, and instead the action will take place over one large sprawling 50 square km area in Africa. Another change is that the protagonist of previous Far Cry games, Jack Carver will not be making a return this time round, apparently the fashion police finally got him for wearing that god awful shirt