FamilyGamer event Kidtropolis to be held October this year

The UK’s first ever family gamer event will take place this October half term at the Excel London, as part of Kidtropolis. 

Hosted by FamilyGamerTV, the gaming festival will be an integral part of Kidtropolis, the biggest consumer event for all things Kids and Familys.

At the event there will be a chance for parents to discover educational games for their children, as well as for children to discover all the latest toys to life games, tech and apps.

Simon Pilling, Managing Director of Kidtropolis: “Kidtropolis is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait for the doors to open. I’m a kid at heart, but I’m also a parent and I can be sure that within the Family Gaming Festival, the content my children will be exposed to will be appropriate but still very exciting. I’m delighted to be working with Andy.”

Alongside gaming festival exhibitors, there will be an education hub for children, to learn from industry personnel about how to make a career in the games industry. Alongside Andy, children can star in a YouTube video for FamilyGamerTv’s channel.

Gemma Gallagher, Director of Brand Relations: “There is a need for a gaming festival for families in the UK and Kidtropolis is the perfect place to host it. Gaming and toys to life products play significant roles in family life and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this unique experience to brands and consumers in the UK. FamilyGamerTV is a hugely successful and well respected YouTube channel and Andy Robertson will bring enormous value to the show”

Kidtropolis is designed to engage children and families through brands and products through play. It will house a variety of products from toys to fashion, all the way up to science and gaming.

Andy Robertson, Director of FamilyGamerTV: “Families have been crying out for a dedicated video game festival for years. Catering for both children and parents, this is a unique opportunity to engage this huge audience of gamers.The Family Gaming Festival at Kidtropolis will be breakthrough space for families to experience amazing games, get expert advice and discover how to get more from the games they play.”