Familiar Enemy Returns For Metroid Prime 3

Those lucky American people have got access to two new Metroid Prime 3 videos on their Wii, and of course we don’t, cause Nintendo hates Europe! Anyway, enough hating, the two new videos – titled Aurora Unit and Spiderball – give gamers a look at some interesting aspects of the game, but most importantly it also gives the first look at a new 3D imagining of one of series’ favourite boss characters, Mother Brain.

However, if you are one of the few people that believe the Metroid timeline is serious business then you will probably end up questioning whether this it even Mother Brain, maybe it is a close relation? Anyway, regardless of your level of seriousness, make sure you check out both videos below, thanks to Gametrailers. Our favourite part is without doubt the 2D cross section map which shows a layout of the Mother Brain room, a room which look very similar to the one from Super Metroid!