Fallout 3 “The Pitt” DLC broken in almost every way

Following right on the heels of Square Enix messing up the release of The Last Remnant on PC, it looks like Bethesda has had similar missteps. If reports are to be believed, which are now coming from just about every corner of the Internet, the new “The Pitt” DLC is a broken mess, with glitches, bugs, no textures, freezes, weird exclamation points, and just about every problem known to man affecting gameplay.

Oh darnit, I bought it and I can confirm the DLC is broken, I got past the bridge just fine tho but once in the city there’s some weird graphical glitches everywhere and some odd texture changing, plus that the game freezes all the time now,” said one gamer, posting in a recent Major Nelson update about the DLC launch.

Was this bugtested at all? First off, these red diamonds with exclamation points are everywhere. My guess is it’s probably landforms and objects that didn’t load right. I also see just objects floating in the middle of the air. Oh and the real dealbreaker is even if I wanted to continue playing despite the ugly bugs i can’t due to the game always freezing after entering a certain gate. I’ve tried three times so far and it always gets stuck on the loading screen,comments a user on neoGAF

The official Bethesda forums are getting hammered, with everyone reporting there are problems. In fact, there is a new post every time we press F5, so we can’t link you to just one.

No one is sure what has happen as of yet, but ideas tossed around hint that the wrong version of the DLC was upload, or it may be possible the version of the DLC uploaded was missing some crucial files.

We know life in a post-apocalyptic world would is bad, but this bad?

[Thanks, VG247, Bethesda, Major Nelson, neoGAF]