Factor 5 USA is officially gone, German based studio has “upcoming projects”


After quite a few months of inactivity, Factor 5’s official US site has seen an update regarding the unfortunate financial problems that happened at the company in recent months. Regretfully, it is not good news as Achim Moller, the CEO Factor 5 GmbH based in Germany, confirms Factor 5 USA are no more. Many of the links on the site now redirect to the German URL. The statement reads:

We are sorry to announce the closure of the San Rafael-based Factor 5, Inc. studio, but the obstacles created by the sudden bankruptcy of Brash Entertainment for the continuation of operations have turned out too great to overcome in the current economic climate.

Factor 5 GmbH, which has been creating games since 1988 with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, is entirely unrelated to Factor 5, Inc. and the circumstances surrounding Factor 5 Inc.’s recent challenges. Although we are saddened by Factor 5 Inc.’s situation, our corporation will remain unaffected by these developments and has partnered with both old and new friends in the industry who will reveal our upcoming projects over the next months.

We would like to thank everybody on the publishing and development side who have supported us throughout the last 20 years and continue to do so. The current transition of the games industry is challenging, but as with transitions prior there is more opportunity than ever for independent development out there.

Achim Moller, CEO Factor 5 GmbH