Factor 5 Label Wii A ‘Gamecube 1.5’

American gaming publication EGM recently ran an article/interview on the upcoming PS3 title, Lair, which is the latest production of Factor 5 and has planned for release this summer on Playstation 3. Some may remember that up until 2003 Factor 5 were very great pals with Ninty releasing a plethora of Star Wars related games for the console but now all those friendly ties seem to be broken.

The following quote direct from the magazine shows their anger as they say “When I heard what was going on at Nintendo, I cringed, its audio is relatively mediocre. It’s essentially Gamecube 1.5, which is fine because all the motion-control stuff they’re doing is pretty radical. That’s precisely why the 360 wasn’t exciting to me, because it didn’t have the jump there, even though it had everything else.

Is it just me or should companies not be more careful when throwing around quotes like this? It just seems pointless and runs the risks burning bridges for possible future projects. They even threw in a quick dig at the 360 as well, nice one!