Fable II Knothole Island DLC brings things to life *Spoilers*


Fable 2’s first piece of downloadable content, Knothole Island is available on Xbox Live today for 800 MS points, and Lionhead’s Sam Van Tilburgh has been talking some secrets about it over on the Fable 2 Development Blog.

Beware, if you haven’t finished Fable yet, the following info may spoil one of the possible endings of the game.

Essentially, if you pick a certain choice at the end of Fable 2’s story, you may lose a certain faithful companion. Something which was apparently heartbreaking enough for some people that they felt the need to send death-threats to Peter Molyneux. 

While we don’t know if Molyneux’s fear for his life provoked this, Sam has drawn attention to one of the DLC’s bullet points on the official Knothole Island site. Apparently players will be able to Unravel the mystical secrets of the resurrection shrine. If this didn’t provide enough hints for you, Sam also says that “you won’t be playing Knothole Island without a trusty friend on four legs…”.

Whilst I’m sure that some players will be overjoyed to have the chance to revert their past mistake, does anyone else think that going back on the one actually significant consequence for your actions in Fable 2 is disappointingly weak-willed for Molyneux?

In any case, stay tuned to DarkZero for our thoughts on Knothole Island once we’ve had a chance to digest it.