Fable golden

This morning, the Web was abuzz with reports that Fable had gone gold. The reports stemmed from the forums of the game’s developer, Lionhead-owned Big Blue Box.

Besides several posts by studio employees that the gold announcement will go out at midnight UK time, the forums also featured a photo allegedly from the Big Blue Box testing center webcam showing a disc marked “Fable Gold!” This afternoon, sources close to the game’s development confirmed to GameSpot that Fable has indeed reached gold status, and it will ship on September 14, as scheduled.

The news caps Fable’s four-year-plus road to release. Initially announced back in May 2001 as Project Ego, the game has been one of the most talked about Xbox titles in the history of the platform. Like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Fable will let players choose whether to pursue a good or evil path through life, with their physical appearance changing along with their alignment. However, unlike KOTOR, the fantasy-themed Fable will have a much broader scope, literally following characters from the cradle to the grave. For more on Fable, check out GameSpot’s extensive coverage of the game.

source Gamespot.com