Fable 2 is the latest 360 game to get leaked

It seems the 360 is really having quite a big problem with leaks at the moment, as with every day that passes yet another game is made available for piraters to download and play on their modded Xbox 360.

Yesterday we saw Far Cry 2 make an appearance, and a few days before that it was Fallout 3 that hit the scene a whole three weeks before its official release.

Well, now it seems Fable 2 can join them, as it has also been made available, with four separate torrents available to download at the time of writing this. The game weighs in a 7.3GB for those wondering.

In a bit of good news this leak has also confirmed the game is region free. So you now have the option to import from the US if you are looking to save a bit of money during the credit cruch.

Fable 2 is scheduled to hit Euro shores on October 24.