Exploring the Ouya – Part 3

It’s the weekend, so what better way to end your hard week of work by watching Ian and Dom smash some cars, beat up some bears and try operate a crane.

The video below is the third of a collection of videos – spanning roughly four hours – showcasing their experience with the system and what games are available at launch. This is raw, unedited footage, so you can all see their natural response to some of the surprises thrown at them during the Ouya session, which this time is full of amazing moments.

The games in this video are;

  • Knightmare Tower (a lot of fun)
  • Monocle Man
  • Red
  • A bit of a Fist of Awesome (funny)
  • No Brakes Valet (car destruction!)
  • Deep Dungeons of Doom
  • Bombball
  • Mrs. Dad vs. Korv
  • Little Crane (somehow amazingly funny)