Explore a paper world as Mario unfolds before your

This all new role playing adventure, which uses beautiful and distinctive graphics, gives Mario unique abilities to help him fold and squeeze his way to Princess Peach in a bid to save her from her evil captors.

Maps at the ready! Princess Peach has been kidnapped and Mario must follow the map’s clues to the Star Crystals – the only power able to guide him to the Princess. But beware you will meet many people along the way and it is up to you to decide if they are friend or enemy! Mario can partner up with characters that can then combine with Mario to allow new moves.

Origami is an ancient art, taking years to master, but a skill players will need to perfect in seconds if they are to get Mario through this world! The fact that Mario is paper thin is to his advantage as he can fold up into a paper aeroplane to fly across small gaps, turn sideways to fit through very narrow gaps and fold himself into a small boat to get across water.

When combat occurs, the game becomes turn based in a theatre like stage where Mario must impress his audience in order to be given power to perform Super Attacks. Disappoint them and they will start hurling objects! As well as the crowds, Mario will face many other obstacles in his search for the captured Princess. Among them are three veiled figures plotting the return of the cruel, Shadow Witch and one extremely angry Bowser!

Mario has numerous tools to help him on his way, from hammers to thunderbolts. He will have use of powerful Action Commands which limit the damage Mario takes and using the A button just as an enemy attacks will help Mario inflict maximum damage on his enemies. But always remember to keep one eye out for badges, as these have a whole range of fantastic abilities from allowing Mario to pick up money to giving him special moves!

In addition to the unique features caused by being paper thin, Paper Mario 2 The Thousand Year Door contains many features loved in other Mario RPG games such as buying items at shops and collecting coins by defeating enemies.

Paper Mario 2 The Thousand Year Door, only for Nintendo GameCube, launches across Europe on 12th November at the estimated retail price of around 60 Euros.