Expect more Metal Gear Online problems in the future

War may have changed, but if recent Metal Gear Online problems, and multiple technical issues have left you feeling a little bit irritated, then you’d best start preparing for similar monotonous annoyances in the future as Konami have admitted there’s “no permanent solution” to fix some of the current problems with the game.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere apologies for the problems that have affected all our customers that have been with us since the Premier Beta back in April,” remarks the company to GI.biz. “We are currently doing all in our powers to bring a permanent solution to the ongoing problems in the quickest possible time,” they add.

However, they freely admitted it would not be smooth sailing further down the line. “We have been taking numerous corrective measures since the problems initially started, but unfortunately there are no permanent solutions we can announce at this present moment,” they acknowledged.