Exclusive Guitar Hero II 360 Songs Revealed

Not intent with just doing a direct port from PS2 to 360 the guys at Harmonix are set to include 10 extra songs on the GHII disc when the game is released later this year in March. Only eight of the extra songs are known right now – they are listed below if you want to skip the rest of these ramblings – but when all’s and done the game will reportedly have 74 tracks to play once released. On top off all this greatness the game will also make use of microtransactions by having all the song from the original Guitar Hero availed for download – at a price we’re sure – soon after the game hits store shelves.

The extra songs known – as of now – are:
– Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)
– Dead! (My Chemical Romance)
– Hush (Deep Purple)
– Life Wasted (Pearl Jam)
– Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo (Rick Derringer)
– Possum Kingdom (Toadies)
– Salvation (Rancid)
– The Trooper (Iron Maiden)