Ex-1UP guys get $12k donation for new project


Yes, I know we should not really be calling them ex-1UP anymore, as they are already well on the way to kicking of a new passage of their careers, but it nice to see that in less than a week after many of them were let go from 1UP, the staffers are almost ready to kick things of again, with the first video project, an as yet unnamed replacement to The 1Up Show kicking off this Friday.

The first episode of the new show will apparently be filmed using positively old school audio and video equipment, which members of the team had left over following their time at  film school. However, things are set to get better in quality as weeks go on, as the gaming community at large showed how much they cared for what was snatched away from them, that they donated the guys close to $12,000 to help them kick things of again.

Promises have been made that the money will be invested in the best way it can into the new project to try and build something great from the ground up.

What can we say? We’ve already expounded on the fact that “thank you” simply won’t do and that our eternal gratitude is nothing compared to the support we have received. There really is only one thing we can do: make the absolute best show we can with whatever we’re able to scrape together and pour our hearts into it. We owe you all that much at the very least. ” comments their latest update.

All further news updates of their continuing work are likely to be post on talkingorange.com, so keep a close eye on that site should you be interested in where they go next.