‘Evil mum’ Karen Matthews gets to play PS3 in jail


In their usual balanced and sympathetic reporting style, the Sunday Mirror have revealed that ‘evil mum’ Karen Matthews, who was recently convicted of arranging the kidnapping of her own daughter for financial gain, has been rewarded with a Playstation 3 in her jail cell where she awaits sentencing.

The Mirror reports that the ‘benefits scrounger’ has been categorised as an enhanced prisoner due to her model behaviour whilst incarcerated, this entitles her to benefits of a different kind.

A prison source said: “She has kept her nose clean and is pretty much a model inmate. As a result, she’s entitled to a PlayStation in her room and DVD player. It’s unbelievable really that she can be so pampered after what she did to her own daughter. She just lounges around watching telly and playing on her console. She is extremely unpopular with other cons and is kept apart from them. There is an obvious fear that she will be a target for other criminals who want to get her back for what she did to her little girl.”

Rather hilariously, the Mirror also informs its readers that “Players can create a virtual life in new feature PlayStation Home.” As if to imply that Karen Matthews is also connected to PSN whilst imprisoned, and indulging in a bit of escapism from her real-life situation.

I could say that being given a PS3 instead of a 360 is punishment enough. But that would be incorrect, so I won’t.