Resident Evil 4 To Go Multi-Format?

[link=http//]Game Informer[/link] seem to know something that the rest of us don’t, could the long awaited GameCube game be winging it way to the other 2 major consoles before the year is over?

If this news is to be believed then there is good and bad news to go with it, the good news being, the game will be available to a wider audience which is good news for Capcom as they will make more money, the bad news is a graphical re-tooling and a downgrade in texture and polygon count will be needed due to the PS2 lack of power. If it is also released on X-box it would probably be just a straight port which would mean disappointing graphics as well. You can weigh up the pros and cons for yourself and find out how you feal!

Capcom are refusing to comment on the reports so please take this news as only a rumor!