Every Extend Extra Coming To XBLA

Q Entertainment have announced today that they will be bringing the recently released PSP musical shooter Every Extend Extra over to Xbox Live Arcade to meet up with it’s mate Lumines and reminisce about old times. The game will also receive a small name change and will instead be called ‘Every Extend Extra Extreme’.

We are unsure what exactly will be extreme about the game but right now it is boasted that it will have 5.1 surround sound that will bring a “clubbing experience right in the living room“. The XBLA version will also feature a mode called ‘S4, Wiz ur Muzik’ which will allow players to use custom tracks in-game… and most likely annoy many English teachers in schools nationwide. Leaderboards, achievements and online play will also be included.

Right now the cost of the game is unknown but lets hope “Every Extend Extra Extreme will retail at 1200 Microsoft Points” does not appeared in some press release in coming months