European Sales Of The DS Reach 6 million

The Nintendo DS hit the shelves back in March 2005 and although it may have had a slightly iffy start it is now on its way to conquer the handheld market in Europe as Nintendo has announce the handheld has sold a staggering 6 million consoles on Europe.

Laurent Fischer, European Marketing Director for Nintendo commented, “Nintendo has always sought to innovate and produce games and consoles that appeal to everyone irrespective of age or experience. The Nintendo DS has done just this and been a phenomenal success, along with the Touch! Generation range that has expanded the gaming audience by providing something for everyone no matter who they are

Following the successful launch of the sleek Nintendo DS Lite, the Nintendo DS has secured Nintendo’s lead in the handheld market, maintaining an impressive 70% share of the market for eleven consecutive weeks. What’s more the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite has captivated the female gaming audience with 44% of all consoles being sold to women.

With the Nintendo DS Lite Pink soon to join the Nintendo DS family across Europe, on 27th October priced at around €150, there will a console for everyone to enjoy.