Europe Will Get Some PS3’s As Well!

After PS2 and PSP launches many European rushing out to their import store SCEE president David Reeves has promised to right the wrongs of the past and give Europe equal billing to Japan and the US when PS3 launches in November. Speaking exclusively to MCV, Reeves moved to reassure an industry concerned about hardware numbers that he aims to ensure that Europe is not left behind. “The US, Japan and Europe will be equally served,” he said. “It’s my job to make sure Europe gets equal billing. I can’t specify the numbers but we’ll work hard to ensure it is equal.”

We’re delighted that it is out in November.” he continued “I think the fact it is worldwide is good news for retail. And for our third party partners it is great timing before Christmas – in Europe specifically. Europe is on track and I think the third party publishers should recognise that. But as for us, we will have anything from four to six titles at launch, maybe more.”

Source: MCV