Europe Gets Worst PSN Update Ever

We know Europe is not usually the correct place to be for good PSN updates, and in all honesty we should still be happy we finally got access to Everyday Shooter two weeks ago (after a 4 month wait, of course!), but after turning on our PS3 to check for this weeks PSN update what we were greeted to was not too nice.

In fact, it was just two trailers staring back at us. One was for Haze (which we still think is too brown), and the other was for Conflict: Denied Ops, which doesn’t get us too excited either.

So, there you have it. That’s the full Euro PSN update for this week. On the other hand, people in the US are playing the likes of Pain, and Japan is playing Dark Mist, amongst other fun stuff.

If you are in any way confused by this week’s update, we we will present it to you in list form.

– Conflict: Denied Ops – Dev Diary #4
– Haze – Boss Speech Trailer