Euro Release Of Mario Party 8 Hit With Delay

The guys at CVG, who took the time to email us a few years back (we blame ibu), have been told by Nintendo that Mario Party 8, which was due to hit stores this Friday, has now been delayed until July 13th… that’s Friday the 13th BTW! The delay is apparently due to “a production issue with the English version“.

Nintendo told CVG that “Nintendo regrets to inform customers that it has a production issue with the English version of Mario Party 8 which has resulted in the UK launch date moving to 13th July 2007. We are working hard to rectify the issue to ensure this fun, family party game can be enjoyed as soon as possible.

So, if you are still interested in the franchise after eight editions (ten if you count the card game and the GBA title!) then you have now got a little bit longer of a wait on your hands than you expected.