Euro Playstation Store Updated Early

We always check our PS3 at around 5pm every Thursday, and we are sure many of you do too. However, it seems Sony have got the jump on us today and updated the Euro arm of the Playstation store a little early. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot to get excited about as there is still no Everyday Shooter or Pain for Euro PS3 owners.

However, we did get access to Go! Sports Skydiving, a new exclusive PSN title that does not look that bad, so it might be worth a download at €4.99. There is also a few demos, some trailers and a few bits of DLC up as well. Why not see if you find any of it interesting by checking the full list below:

Go! Sports Skydiving (€4.99)

Conflict: Denied Ops

Folklore – Malion Pack (Free)
MotorStorm – Chinese New Year Gift (Free)

Lost Planet