Euro Pain And Everyday Shooter Coming February

Seeing as both games hit PSN in the US many Thursdays ago (many months ago in the case of Everyday Shooter) most of us always expect both Pain and Everyday Shooter to pop up on the Euro arm of the Playstation Store as every Thursday update comes and goes. However, that just never seems to happen, and all we seem to get left with is an unnecessary trailer, add-on for a game we don’t own, or some stupid piece of wallpaper each and every week.

Well, unfortunately those of us that really want the games have a lot more waiting to do, as Sony have released a list of upcoming content for the service, and it appears both titles (along with High Velocity Bowling) have now been listed for a February ’08 release. This means we all have up to a six week wait for the games to appear for download, but let’s not get too down though, as they could also be released in early Feb, which means there could only a 3 week wait left.

Regardless, these unnecessary waits for something on a downloadable service is getting silly. Sony, sort it out!