Euro MGS4 Limited Edition detailed?

We’re too not keen on posting retail listings as news, for the simple reason they are usually wrong. However, we will make an exception this time round as Swedish retailer Webhallen have just updated their site with a listing for what could possibly be contained in the European Limited Edition release of Metal Gear Solid 4.

The listing on the site comments that the limited edition will contain the game itself (duh!), an old Snake figure, a bonus ‘making of’ Blu-ray disc, and a soundtrack of the game.

So, why are we having so much faith in a retail listing for once? Well, back about a moth ago Webhallen were the same site that first reported details on a possible GTA IV PS3 Bundle for Europe long before anyone else … so maybe, just maybe they have got the listing spot on again.

Be warned though, this should still be treated as a rumour until Konami has the final say on the matter.