Ethernet proven obsolete?

It would appear so if Osaka, Japan-based company Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.’s new device takes off. In today’s world computers and the internet are important, however connecting through Ethernet or wireless technology may be costly. What if there was a way to do it differently without the hassle of other methods? Matsushita has developed a technology that allows not only electricity to power our appliances to be transferred through wall-outlets, but it also enables data to be sent and received through the use of a broadband connection transferring data at up to 170 megabits per second. This speed is faster than the normal Ethernet connection that most households use.

Matsushita envisions that one day people will be able to download high definition videos throughout the home despite location. How can this be achieved with a standard wall outlet? The device (featured below) is plugged in normally to the wall outlet and the devices to be used are plugged into that for instant broadband access.

The company hopes to one day sell devices such as televisions and refrigerators with the device pre-built in. Access to all of your home appliances from outside the home would be an advantage. For example you may be able to start the washing machine while at the doctor’s office so it is ready to dry when you come home.

The device is likely to be more successful in American and European markets as the Japanese government tends to be stricter over usage of the power lines although Matsushita is having discussions with the Japanese government over eased regulations.