Episodic pricing touted for games by 2K boss


During the M16 Games Marketing Conference, which is ongoing in San Francisco, the subject of the pricing model of games was brought up – with many of the speakers at the event agreeing that current model is somewhat broken.

Christoph Hartmann, global boss of 2K Games, was the most boisterous in his criticism, stating that he fervently believes the pricing model of games we have right now will not lead to success down the line.

He goes on to comment that episodic pricing could be a solution to this, as it would charge people for the length they play a game, rather than having to ask full price from them upfront.

This would mean that if someone purchased a game they did not like, and only played for a few hours, they would not lose out on as much money, and may be more likely to make different, perhaps more adventurous choices in regards to the games they play.