Epic Speaks About The Importance Of Marketing

Eurogamer are reporting that over in Germany, in the city that everyone spells wrong, Leipzig, Epic Games president Michael Capps has spoken out to praise the great work Microsoft did when promoting Gears of War back in 2006. The nice words started flowing when Capps was asked by a member of the audience about the importance of marketing in the current gaming climate. In response to the enquiry he replied, “Absolutely tremendous… It’s so unfortunate that I can list 20 games that were fantastic that nobody ever saw. We absolutely attribute Gears of War’s success to coming out at exactly the right time for the console, when Microsoft really needed a big Xbox 360 game to sell the platform.

If you have any sort of chance in your contract negotiations to get a set number or at least a minimum marketing commitment in there, absolutely go for it. Even though you and your publisher are convinced at the point of signing that your game will be fantastic and the most important thing in their strategy, it could slip six months. And then somebody applies with another game, and that game becomes the most important thing in their strategy,” he concluded.